PSxxx: Sony PlayStation on PSP

PSP homebrew Sony PlayStation emu project.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Sorry for not posting sooner, been having a really hectic day.

As luck would have it I need to buy a new AC Adapter cord for my psp because I was thoughtless enough to leave it dangling a little to close to my squirrels cage, I have no idea how much a psp adapter would cost but I'll probably swing by EB after work tomorrow.


Those of you who somehow got my personal e-mail, you will get responses from that e-mail address but I have to ask that you don't give it away anymore then it already has been since its really for family only.

For PSP related stuff please use this E-mail address instead:

And the finale:

For the most part IM turning the PSP project over to Zad3r(So he'll get the C&D letters from Sony instead of me ha ha ha!) who will most likely be uploading some screens of his "Resident Evil(psxxx)" project sometime later today or tomorrow, he talked about posting a video for me(Because all I have is a shitty pencam)but I cant confirm that because he's been offline for most of the night.

Monday, July 03, 2006

PSxxx: Playstation on PSP

That is a screenshot(actually I just took a picture of my psp) of my Playstation 2 Psp project called "Psxxx", I recently started a new job which may prove to be too demanding for me to keep up with the homebrew scene; after making a few suggested improvements and cleaning up the code a bit; IM gonna turn it loose on world, and hopefully someone will develop a full featured emu.

I've been holding off on releasing a version of this and kind of keeping the development a secret because I wanted to wait until I had something worth showing anyone in the first place; Thanks go out to Zad3r for fixing many of my mistakes, and doing almost as much as I have for this project.

Theres two seperate zips, one regular and the other hard coded for FFVII isos(Three Seperate eboots).
the source for both will be included in the Zip they are tested and working for PSP firmware 1.5 only.


Optimized for Final Fantasy VII(USA)(3 disc)
(won't load "Greatest Hits" version)

* There is no audio support.
* Limited controls
* Many isos won't boot.
* Most other games have serious graphics problems.
* Requires a Playstation Bios(not provided for legal reasons)